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In this section I intend to give indications on books related to the world of organs and their construction details. Very few texts deal with mechanic music however the broader literature on the traditional organ can be a valid reference for the self builder, in particular for subjects like design and construction of pipes, bellows, chests etc.

Once again on Internet you may find several available information, among which, one of the most interesting, from the historical point of view, is the site where you can see the precursor of the organ manual writers: the french monk Dom Bedos. It is well known that the reproduction of that book, which was written around the 1778, and that can be purchased in specialized shops or via Amazon, is extremely expensive. 

On the site: you can read it online for free.



The Art of Organ Building

Author : George Ashdown Audsley

ISB 0-486-21315-3 Editore Dover Publications, Inc USA

 It is a treatise in two volumes on the construction technology of pipe organs. The author is an architect and besides a particularized description of all the details, gives plenty of constructional drawings.

The book was written in 1905 but is still extremely actual.


The Crank Organ Ring