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These lines are an invitation for curious people and those interested in mechanical music to face in a practical way this world and, through the omnipresent web resource, which gets a mediation role, to have a guide to buy, build the instrument or its music rolls or more simply to be kept informed on  this technology.


Among various types of mechanical music instruments, there is a great interest in many world countries for pneumatic keyless organs, crank operated with music cartons or paper rolls.

According to the country, they are called in a different way: organi di Barberia, busker organs, drehorgel etc..For sure today it is difficult to find some antique instrument on the market on which to put our hands, however fortunately, there are different proposals of specialized producers that, in various countries offer instruments of their actual production utilizing the same traditional technology to produce the sounds.

These companies are so rare, that are difficult to trace with traditional means because, as they address a niche market, it is very unlikely to find their products in shops and they are generally not advertised on the musical sector magazines.

Fortunately today we have Internet and, thank to this resource it is much easier to trace both the producers of these rare instruments and the related world of punched paper rolls producers, fans clubs, spares resellers, technical forums and amateurs which represent an endless information resource of information for the newcomer to this wonderful world of mechanical music.

If however Internet is an indiscussed precious resource to find information, it is mandatory to have a good command of english language as the majority of data are available in that language. This should hovever not be a major proble because in today's life it is necessary  to have a minimum knowledge of english and for shure it becomes more pleasant to engage yourself in something of your interest.

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